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Founded in 2004, Telos has become an industry leader in supporting teenage boys, and young adult men and women and their families dealing with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, addiction, social problems, and learning differences. Their caring staff use proven clinical therapies coupled with the power of healing relationships to promote deep, lasting change. Their aim is to help their students to live principle-based lives characterized by insightful choices. Telos is a place where youth and young adults can find clarity, healing, and direction. Telos has 260 employees, half of whom are professionals with diverse education and experience, including LCSW, LMFT, CMHC, MedFT, Ph.D., MBA, Psychiatrist (MD), Attorney, CPA, RN, M.Ed, NCC, CCI, CSUDC, CRT, PHR, GRCP, and a licensed dietician and professionally trained chefs.


The mission of Telos is "to create inspiring interpersonal relationships that invite and assist all people to move toward their ultimate potential." From this, Telos has built a robust and comprehensive treatment program based on its Ten Pillars model, which includes a successful triathlon program, a "first in the nation" residential transition program for 18-26 year old young adults, and a flexible and innovative program that tailors its care to the individual therapeutic needs of its students on a case-by-case basis. Telos has proven that genuine and lasting change is both achievable and sustainable!

Telos - Orem, Utah

Job SummaryOversee the medical operations for Telos U. Responsible to care for medical emergencies a...

Telos - Orem, Utah

We are looking for exceptional candidates to work with our young adults and their families. Our ther...

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